Secret London: Farming in London? Yes, of course.

By Michal Lachowicz, 3rd year BA Journalism & Media student

Ever since I can remember, I have always been passionate about travelling and exploring.  


When I moved to London almost three years ago, I quickly got used to the fact that I constantly ended up in many unique and sometimes very original places. I have always felt that I have a sense of the explorer who likes avoiding touristic paths. This model of sightseeing led me to fascinating discoveries and uncovering many interesting aspects of London’s history and its heritage. 





I wanted to see more than just a Big Ben or the crowded streets of Picadilly Circus, which I knew from postcards. After a few months in the Capital, I had enough of these clichés which are constantly presented in the mainstream media. I felt that this city, despite its rush and craziness, has a lot more to offer. 


In my quest to discover these unique places, I had a chance to meet extraordinary people, who shared their stories with me, along with their passion and commitment to their institutions. These conversations took place in all sorts of environments, including the little Café Diana, the extraordinary Museum of Fans, or the real farm in the middle of Hackney.  


Join me in discovering the Secret London! 

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