New society on the block - ‘The Unlimited Potential Society’!

By Neli DimitrovaMartine Skaret, Christina Hamilton and Teresa Tomanová

Based on student initiative to help colleagues with mental health issues, Middlesex University is enriched by ‘The Unlimited Potential Society’ that aims to provide support to anyone who needs it.

An international student recently wrote publicly on the Middlesex Facebook Confessions and Proposals page about feeling isolated and lonely.


“I have no friends and nobody to talk to and I spend my whole day keeping my mouth shut I feel like shit”, the student wrote.


This one message led us to investigate and, eventually, to the formation of a society to help with mental health.


We spoke with students at Middlesex who indicated a lack of awareness around where they should go if faced with a similar crisis. This highlights a wider problem – where do students look for help and support in a desperate time of need?


“I’m not so sure what kind of services they [MDX] actually provide,” Rutendo Newbaware, a graduate student, said.


“I’ve never come across that kind of situation so I’m not sure if there is a Wellbeing Centre in the University,” Esther, a third year student, said..

“I don’t think we have a clinic. If you’re sick there’s a place to go, but not for mental health issues. I think there might be a room in the library but I honestly don’t know”, said another student.


Yvonne at the University’s Welcome Desk commented that they do receive regular enquiries from Students asking for help and in mostcases the student is directed to Wellbeing Services on the UniHub.


The Student Union responded with concern and signposted information on the blog about the student support services currently available and how they can be accessed.


“This is really serious, we should get in contact with the person responsible for the page, I’m going to bring this up in a staff meeting as a serious issue”, said Kristine Clark, a Staff Member at Middlesex Student’s Union.


In attempt to contact the Wellbeing Centre to get their comment on the Facebook post. Dr Simon Casser responded by email:


“Sometimes being at university can seem daunting, but there is lots of help available for you”.


He added support can be accessed via the following links:-.


Now, thanks to the efforts of concerned individuals, ‘The Unlimited Potential Society’ has been formed at the University to raise awareness of Mental Health and provide extra support and solutions to students.